Review of a publication

In this section academic publications on the Christian Orient will be discussed. A publication that should be discussed here, must meet the general academic requirements and treat a subject of the Christian Orient.

The review of a publication includes a discussion of a critical look at content of the work, the methods used and cited literature. In the review consider also to what extent the author has taken into account the international literature in different languages. A review presents both the strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of reviewer. An evaluation of the work in the light of growth of knowledge is part of the review. A review can not be done by the author of the publication.

The simultaneous discussion of a publication in different languages is possible as well as summaries in different languages with reference to the main review in the blog or in another publication.

The contribution must be completed with the correct name and e-mail address.

Contributions can be proposed ( There is no entitlement for a publication in the blog. A proposal of a presentation can be rejected without giving any reason.

Each author is alone fully responsible for his or her contributions. This is particularly applicable to the observance to the rights of third parties like the copy right.

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