Concordance of the Ethiopian Bible

While we admit the value of a concordance for various kinds of studies (literary, linguistic, philological, etc.), the situation is even more significant in the case of the Ethiopian Bible, since we do not have enough tools in this regard. One can mention here the concordance to the Ethiopian version of the Psalms by Monica Devens, which is one of the rare contributions in this field (Wiesbaden, 2001). Lusini has also produced one on the Ascension of Isaiah (Wiesbaden, 2003). The concordance is based on the edition called Mahebara Hawariat, which was compiled by Ethiopian scholars. It reproduces the textus receptus. The first column gives the number of occurrences of each word in the mentioned biblical books in Ge’ez. This allows the reader to see whether a term is particularly common or rare in the Ethiopian Bible. The next column indicates the entry, strictly according to alphabetical order, taking into account syllabic vocalisation (cf. Dillmann, A., Lexicon Linguae Aethiopicae cum indice latino [Reproductio phototypica editionis 1865], Osnabrück, Biblio Verlag, 1970 Dillmann, Lexicon).

Since the entry reproduces a term as it occurs in the biblical text, one can look up the occurrences without necessarily knowing the root of a particular noun or verb. The next column gives the exact location of the entry, namely the chapter and verse, and the last column provides the context (or quotation) in which each word occurs, which is essential for semantic analysis.

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