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Concordance of the Ethiopian Bible

While we admit the value of a concordance for various kinds of studies (literary, linguistic, philological, etc.), the situation is even more significant in the case of the Ethiopian Bible, since we do not have enough tools in this regard. One can mention here the concordance to the Ethiopian version of the Psalms by Monica …

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ሄኖክ ኃይሌ፣ ቃና ዘገሊላ፤ አዲስ አበባ፣ ፋር ኢስት፣ ፳፻፯ ዓ.ም.

This is a pastoral commentary of John 2: 1-11, focused on the marriage of Cana, published in 2015 and has 180 pages. Part one, consisting of five chapters, is a detailed analysis of the biblical passage, inspired significantly by patristic and Ethiopian traditional hermeneutics. The question of the intercession of the Virgin Mary is dealt …

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