Christianity in Nubia. History and Gestalt of an African church

Roland Werner, Das Christentum in Nubien. Geschichte und Gestalt einer afrikanischen Kirche,  Berlin: LIT 2013, 520 S. = Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte 48), ISBN978-3-643-12196-7

Here is a short presentation in English of the book of Roland Werner. A longer presentation and review is written her in German. Christianity in Nubia is almost unknown, though it shaped the history of this region for one thousand years. The author presents this history based on archaeological surveys, Nubian iconography, inscriptions and Nubian literature in different languages. The history starts in the 6th century and continues until the 19th century. In the second part of the book the author presents the Gestalt of the Nubian Christianity. He examines aspects like the state and the church organization, the Nubian piety, Christian art and daily life. The author has consulted all available sources on the Nubian Christianity over many years and has presented a picture of this African Christianity as complete as possible. The book is recommendable to all those who want to have a first introduction to Nubian Christianity, but it is suitable for as a reference work.

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