Leadership in the light of Christian principles by Tesfaye Ya’cob – ተስፋዬ ያዕቆብ፣ መሪነት፣ ክርስቲያናዊ መርህና ምግባር፣ 2009።

This is a book on leadership, in the light of Christian principles and Ethics, written by Tesfaye Ya’cob, and published in 2017. It has 315 pages. The first chapter, dealing with the meaning of leadership, explains the concept of “leadership” and different leadership theories. Chapter two is dedicated to biblical leadership. The ecclesiastical aspect leadership is dwelt with in Chapter three. The following chapter is about the formation and growth of the leader. In Chapter five, the author describes the responsibility of the reader in an Ethiopian context. The need of knowing the sign of times by the leader is discussed in chapter six. Lessons to be learned from the experience of leadership in the history of Ethiopia are presented in chapter seven. Starting from the case of the Evangelical Church in Ethiopia, the author deals with the question of transfer of responsibility and preparing new generations of leaders in the church.

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